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Tablet counter Inspection system

Tablet counter
Inspection system

Systems that are mounted on a counter to detect poor refinement in the pharmaceutical bottle packaging process

General, Rectangular, Dust Generation Refining Test

Enables inspection of dust-causing types of refinement
Can inspect rectangular refinement as well as general refinement
Can be tested for 10-20% cracking depending on the size of the purification

Easy-to-use user interface

Automatically stop counter and alarm when purified break detection is detected.

Mountable to the counter in use

Can also be installed on existing counters
Can be customized depending on the customer's environment


Video Guide


Lighting Life
Inspection Area
15M Color Camera
In-Direct White LED
More than 30,000 Hour
Up to 300 X 200 mm
10.4 inch Touch screen
Remote Control
FDA 21 CFR part 11
(w x h x d )
Multi Language
460 x 445 x 615 mm
11.81 x 26.77 x 21.25 inches
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