LIFIT develops and supplies automation facilities for bio, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics.

We also pursue customer satisfaction by proceeding customization solutions to meet customer needs.

In addition, the goal is to introduce and distribute excellent research equipment at home and abroad and contribute to the development of domestic related industries.

We will try to grow together by helping customers develop through constant research and development


Together Growth
constant research development
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Automatic teaching and
vision inspection algorithms

Packing Equipment
Machine Vision

Precision control, liquid quantitative busyness, and cooling techniques


H/W, S/W




2 . 2021

Excellent technology company

certification T5 grade

1 . 2021

Venture company certification

(LIFIT Technology)

11 . 2020

Establishment of a corporate research institute.

(LIFIT Technology)

9 . 2020

Patent registration
"Inspection device of pill packing facility automation machine"

4 . 2020

Establish and spin-off LIFIT Technology companies
(Automation and Vision Equipment)

6 . 2019

Business Idea Commercialization Support Company Selection

4 . 2019

Establishment of a research institute affiliated with a corporation

12 . 2018

​Certified as a venture company, Smart Venture Campus
Best Enterprise Selection

11 . 2018

Launch of the bio-consumable distribution business.

3 . 2018

​Bio-automation equipment development (expanding business areas)

7 . 2017

Create pharmaceutical packaging inspection facility

5 . 2017

Found a LIFIT company


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