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Check and take action for product symptoms

Is there any inconvenience in using the product?
You can check the symptoms of the product that you are uncomfortable with and find out how to take measures against various situations that you may misunderstand as a failure through the product manual.

Service Application

If the information on the product manual is not resolved, please apply for kind consultation and service.

*Please submit the service inquiry form below.

Designate the engineer in charge with the application, identify whether to check the warehousing/visit, and guide the customer.

Simple cases are solved through quick consultation.

Inspection of the machine and Status Notice

Inspection is carried out in two ways according to the type of device and symptoms.

After the first inspection, inform the customer of the condition of the device and the estimated repair date.

For equipment that is out of warranty, a certain repair fee may be charged.

Have the warehousing inspection device in stock for inspection. (Suitable for equipment that needs to be inspected for a long time.)

Check the visiting inspection device at the customer site (Suitable for large-sized lockup inspection).

Issue service reports and Machine Handover

The repair equipment will be delivered to the customer as soon as possible by issuing a service report stating the status and processing details of the machine.

In the case of paid service, we charge the repair cost through the transaction statement and tax invoice.

1.Customer Information

Corporate name
Phone number

Agreement on Collection and Use of Personal Information

'Life' emphasizes your personal information (hereinafter referred to as 'company') and complies with the Act on the Explosion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
Through the personal information processing policy, the company will inform you of the purpose and method of personal information you provide and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information.

If the company revises its information processing policy, it will announce it through website announcements (or individual announcements).

'Life' is collecting personal information as below for service application, consultation, etc.

1. Items of personal information collected
[Required] Name, contactable number, business name email
2. Collection of personal information.Purpose of Use
Collection and use: Product A/S and B/S, consultation, relocation installation, delivery of goods, etc.
3. Retention of personal information.Period of use
Period of possession and use: Effective (including revised information) (However, information under other Acts and subordinate statutes, such as commercial law, shall be kept for one year) until the consent is withdrawn, and personal information after one year shall be destroyed without delay.

※ You may decline this agreement.

2.Product Types and Symptoms

Product type

Thank you for submitting!

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