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Blister Inspection System

Pill Variety

Blister Inspection System

Blister Inspenction System
Blister Upper Vision InspectorEquipment used to test the vision of the system charging process, heat adhesion process, etc.

that is mainly installed in blister packaging facilities such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc. to detect defects in products

Inspect various types of tablets for defects.

Equipment capable of inspecting Alualu, unusual pill orientation, various colors, and missing, breaking, mixing, etc. of tablets in a special arrangement.

Easy recipe setting

Easy recipe setting in 3 steps for convenient and accurate inspection.

Enables inspection with stored data without re-entering data

Can be mounted on existing packaging machine

Can be installed on existing packaging machine

Can be customized depending on the customer's environment

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Lighting Life
Inspection Area
5M Color Camera
In-Direct White LED
More than 30,000 Hour
Up to 310 X 230 mm
Up to 800 blister/min
Remote Control
FDA 21 CFR part 11
(w x h x d )
10.4 inch Touch screen
Multi Language
300 x 680x540 mm
11.81 x 26.77 x 21.25 inches
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